I'm not your typical trainer. I love food way too much for that! Anything salted caramel, I'm all over!

I couldn't care less about getting big, having a six-pack, or any form of extreme fitness, I workout to be healthy and keep up with my kids and life! Fitness for me, is about being able to live better. 

I have a passion for simplifying things. Simpler is always better.

I want to enjoy food rather than obsess about it, and I want you to do the same. 

I love being a personal trainer because I see fitness as merely a doorway to everything else. And I truly love the amazing relationships that I get to build. Many of my clients are my very best friends. 

I eat at Five Guys with my family every Friday night, drink a regular Coke, not diet, and I never feel guilty for it. I don't do sugar-free anything. :)

I started my dream business by maxing out 13 credit cards and paying my mortgage with check advances on them, but 12 years later that dream is thriving and impacting lives every day.

I hate burpees as much as you do.

I've been featured in magazines, spoken on stages, and have been the face of supplement companies, but I really just love working with people and helping them chase their best. Hearing clients' progress is what lights me up!

Did I mention that I love food? 

I've completed Spartan races. Sometimes I love to run and sometimes I hate it, so I don't. :)

I love the mental health aspect of health and fitness more than anything else. Seeing clients gain confidence and feel better in their skin is one of my favorite things in the world. 

I'm truly blessed to get to do what I love to do and I'm extremely grateful that my message resonates with enough people to allow me to get up and do it every day.

I believe in you. I believe that you're strong enough to eat healthy without a diet. And I also believe that you have everything inside of you to live the life of your dreams. 

And I believe that you have a lot to give and the world needs you at your best.

And... I also believe you should eat some tacos... tonight! 



My family is everything to me. My favorite TV channel is The Food Network. And I love where I live- the beautiful state of Utah!

My wife and I love to rock climb and do anything outdoors. We love a good burger and in fact after getting married, still in my suit and her dress, went straight to our favorite burger joint and downed a couple! We love our blended family and four unbelievable kids. But we definitely disagree on the pronunciation of avocado. :)

I've struggled with self-confidence. Have low testosterone. Have been buried in debt. Have gone through divorce. Have two boys with autism. And many other challenges or 'hard things', but I'm grateful for them all and for life and the great teacher and refiner that it is. 

I've learned a lot and am definitely still a work in progress. 

I love RZR riding in the mountains and anything salted caramel. I love football and basketball. I love to read and wish I could live a second life, never leaving Barnes and Noble (I'd live on Starbucks!). 

I love to travel, I've skydived, and my feet get cold so I sleep with socks on, then I get hot so I take them off and they pile up at the bottom of our bed. :) 

Being a husband and father is my biggest priority in life. My wife is the love of my life and I'm so grateful for her and the love we have. And my kids are my greatest teachers and I cherish every single day I get with them (even when they're freaking crazy!). 

I love life. All of it.

And sushi.